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Submerge to see the beauty!



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Just as for Bert photography is a well loved hobby for me for a long time. After a trip to the USA and Canada I have sponsored developing and printing services quite a bit. Also on various events and concerts of my favourite (hard) rock bands I have often ran around, my face hidden by my camera.

After I met Bert I started swimming lessons, because that might come in handy. I never learned to swim in my youth, after a near drowning experience. Nevertheless I was always intrigued by the sea and marine life. Even before I finished my swimming lessons I started, like Bert, my first S.C.U.B.A. diving lessons in Malta with Derek Chircop. That was in September 2006. Now I have my swimming certificate B and NOB (C.M.A.S.) 2* diving certificate. So far I have done over 350 dives and expanded my love for photograpy to the underwater world.

At this time I use a Nikon D90 in a Hugyfot housing with an Ikelite DS161 movie flash light. My first underwater pictures I took during our honeymoon in Bonaire (so the diving trip Bert was talking about was actually our honeymoon) with a Sealife D600 underwater pocket camera. After that I fotographed in Zeeland (Grevelingen, NL) and Egypt. We each try to make our own pictures and that often gives a nice result, when he uses wide angle (or fish eye) and I concentrate on the macro life with the 60mm Micro lens.